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Enter all transaction information in one place.

In a typical transaction, the same information is used by all parties throughout a transaction in many places.  Naya’s secure cloud based database allows all parties to enter and update data in one place so that it can drive powerful processes throughout the transaction.  One source of data enables parties to check the terms in one place and know they are accurate in all documents.

Generate transaction documents based on powerful templates.

Naya allows users to create all transaction documents with the click of a button.  Templates are “coded” by Naya with powerful logic that is driven by the data parties have entered into Naya.  This saves you hours when preparing initial drafts and ensures that the right provisions are entered into the documents based on the specific data for entered for the transaction.


Update transaction documents as data changes during the transaction.

Update deal information on Naya at any time from the beginning of a transaction to the end of a transaction and then remerge data into your documents with one click.  This feature enables users to quickly and accurately update documents as they race toward closing.

Manage checklists online to enable more efficient transaction management.

A cloud based checklist can be updated in real time by parties and their attorneys.  This enables more efficient transaction management and sharing of documents and information.  The initial draft of the checklist is created by applying the data entered in Naya to a logic driven form checklist.


Instantly run batch comparisons of transaction documents as needed throughout the transaction.

Naya provides a built in comparison tool that enables users to run one or more comparisons with the click of a button.  Our users love this feature because they can send out documents instantly when they are finished drafting instead of waiting to run the comparisons.

Quickly generate signature packages with the click of a button.

Generate and regenerate signature packages for all documents with the click of a button in Naya.  Realize a signature block is wrong?  Just fix it, quickly update the documents and regenerate the signature packages.  This has saved hours of time (and missed lunches) for our users who used to have to drop everything to generate these packages in preparation for closing.


Inventory the status of all signatures and assemble final documents one click at closing.

Use the Naya closing dashboard to inventory the status of all required signatures and exhibits as you prepare for closing.  Once all documents are final and all signatures and exhibits have been uploaded, you can assemble PDFs of all documents immediately.  Another task that took hours and caused stress in the past is now performed by Naya in seconds.


Generate branded closing binders immediately at closing in minutes not days. 

At closing users can generate branded closing binders immediately.  Items can be organized, ordered and renamed easily by the user.  All parties can download the binder at any time.  With Naya closing binders and indexes are ready at closing – eliminating the need for any post-closing work or delayed delivery of final documents to all parties.