Enter Data Once.


Save Transaction Costs.

Naya’s transaction management platform is an enterprise solution that enables parties to store transaction information in a secure cloud based database and then work seamlessly with outside counsel to automate and generate internal documents, closing checklists, transaction documents and closing binders.  

We configure the platform.
You login and close transactions.


Our team is uniquely comprised of attorneys with decades of experience closing complex transactions and experienced software engineers.  Simply send us your form documents and closing checklists and we will configure the Naya platform so that all you and your team need to do to get started is login.

Naya  Product Features


Enter data in one place and use in all transaction documents.


Smart checklists allow for real time collaboration between transaction parties.


Generate transaction documents with a click of a button.

Document Management

Secure cloud based document management system enables collaboration between all parties.

Closing Binders

Read in signature packages and  quickly create closing binders.


Run batch blacklines of transaction documents quickly and efficiently.