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CREF AI Collective

Join Naya's year-long innovation and co-learning subscription and work together with a community of lenders and their outside counsel to share AI uses cases and build solutions for use in commercial real estate finance transactions.

Benefits of Membership

Co-Develop AI Apps

Collaborate regularly with the Naya team, fellow lenders, and your trusted outside counsel to innovate and experiment with new applications.

  • Share ideas and brainstorm use cases
  • Eliminate duplicative R&D across organizations
  • Secure space to develop and test with real data and experiment with generative AI
  • Immediate access to successful apps and projects





Regularly Scheduled Meetings

  • Monthly group demos of new solutions to allow quick feedback loop
  • Collaborative brainstorming meetings with Naya and outside counsel to discuss lender specific or confidential requirements
  • Quarterly full collective meetings and networking opportunities


Unlimited Access to Apps 

All CREF AI Collective members will have unlimited access to apps developed by the collective during the year-long subscription.

  • Exclusive Beta access to test new features
  • Input into product design and requirements
  • Limited IT resources required to get started




Invite your outside counsel or client to join you in the CREF AI Collective for a year of collaboration outside of deal work.

Lenders are encouraged to invite one of their law firms to join them in brainstorming solutions and we also welcome law firms to join the CREF AI Collective with one of their favorite clients.  

Initial AI Use Cases for CREF

Below is a sample of some of the use cases we have already started building that are scheduled to be released in 2024!  Do you have other ideas that could help improve speed and accuracy on your loan transactions?


Clause Search

Enterprise search platform that allows you to instantly build a fallback provisions library from your prior deals.


Title Review

Upload a title commitment and get back a memo to the title company requesting a proforma and summaries of each document.


Lease Summaries

Summarize leases using your preferred format and let us know what you are looking for in leases.


SNDAs / Estoppels

Upload a rent roll and generate estoppels and SNDAs.


Organizational Docs

Review organizational documents for the Borrower and confirm management and ownership structures.


Loan Summaries

Generate summaries of final loan documents.

Apply now and get started.

The initial year of the CREF AI Collective will be limited to a small group of lenders and their outside counsel.  Reach out now and see a demo of our platform!