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For Immigration

Leverage Naya's enterprise platform to manage case documents, pleadings and other documents relating to immigration cases and automate drafting documents.

Naya is great for managing your immigration cases

Naya has created a platform that is customized the nuances of each type of immigration case you handle on a regular basis.  


Document Automation

Naya will code your form case documents, pleadings and other documents for document automation so you can click a button to generate first drafts of case documents and save time and ensure consistency in all work product.


Manage Case Documents

Maintain all case documents in one platform that can be shared with clients.  Reduce time tracking down documents and know that everything is organized by client and case.     




Share the Naya platform with your clients to help improve their internal efficiency and get real time case updates.

Clients love Naya because they can share case files with their outside counsel and receive real time updates with respect to the overall case and specific locations.  

One Platform 

Empower your  team to work smarter and faster with a comprehensive turn-key solution customized for clients and practice.


Document Automation

Generate initial drafts of case documents with the click of a button.


Case Documents

Collaborate in real time with your client to update the case file and eliminate phone calls and emails.


Case Status

Maintain real time status updates for the case by client and location.



Generate custom reports on case data and other information.



Create forms for each of your pleadings and case documents to ensure consistency.



Best in class security protocols ensure case data is protected.

Leverage your data to run accurate reports on your cases.

Since the data stored in the Naya platform is merged into your final case documents, it is accurate and enables your marketing team to run custom reports to analyze case summaries and client results.