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Our Team

Our team is uniquely comprised of attorneys with decades of experience closing complex real estate transactions and experienced software engineers.  We are dedicated to working with your team to implement innovative solutions to help you close more transactions with less overhead.


Matthew Basile

Chief Executive Officer

Matt has broad experience representing clients in connection with commercial real estate transactions.  Prior to attending law school, he worked for several years as a software developer and a technology consultant. 

After closing hundreds of real estate transactions the old fashioned way, he knew there was a way to leverage technology to work more efficiently and the idea for Naya was born. 



Paul Keenan

Chief Operating Officer

Paul has over three decades of experience representing institutional lenders in connection with the origination of commercial mortgage loans. 

He oversees all client implementations at Naya and leverages his extensive legal background to help refine the product interfaces and guide the “coding” and setup of each clients platform and transaction documents.



Stephen Basile

Chief Product Officer

Steve has over twenty years of experience managing teams of developers and supporting clients in the healthcare insurance  market.

He leads Naya’s product, design and innovation teams. He oversees product management, quality assurance, and product delivery.



Sharad Gurung

Chief Architect

Sharad has extensive experience as an architect of complex software products.  

He ensures that the Naya software platform maintains the highest levels of security and scalability while delivering new services to our customers.