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For Real Estate Lawyers

The first end-to-end solution built for commercial real estate lawyers by lawyers to automate all aspects of closing real estate transactions, including loan origination, sales and acquisitions, joint ventures and any other type of complex transaction in your practice.

Commercial Real Estate Use Cases

Naya is customized for each transaction type and for each client and is flexible enough to handle any type of complex commercial real estate transaction.  Below are some of the most common uses cases that are in use today.


Mortgage and Mezzanine Loans

Naya was initially designed to automate all aspects of commercial real estate finance transactions, including mortgage and mezzanine loans.  This is our most commonly implemented use case.  Lawyers leverage document automation, electronic checklists and closing binders and many other features to improve efficiency and close more loans with the same resources.  


Sale Transactions

Clients are leveraging Naya to automate preparation of purchase and sale agreements, access agreements and other closing documents in sale transactions. 

They are also taking advantage of Naya to streamline the closing process by using online closing checklists, automating signature packages and assembling final closing binders.     




Acquisitions and Joint Venture Transactions

Lawyers are using Naya in acquisition transactions to automate organizational documents, including preparing joint venture agreements and other complex structuring documents, opinions, resolutions and closing logistics.  They also love being able to map closing documents to the checklist as they come in so that closing binders are complete on the day of closing.


Lease Agreements

The Naya platform is perfect for automating lease agreements, lease guarantees and other ancillary lease documents that are prepared on a landlord's standard form documents.




Share the Naya platform with your clients to help improve their internal efficiency.

Clients love Naya because they can automate their internal documents and share closing checklists with their outside counsel.  The same information that lawyers enter on Naya to prepare legal documents is often needed by in-house counsel to prepare their internal documents like funding memos, rate lock letters and other internal logistics.  Help your client work more efficiently and become a trusted member of their team.  

Improve Efficiency and Speed of Execution

Empower your closing team to work smarter and faster with a turn-key solution customized for each of your clients.


Document Automation

Generate initial drafts of loan documents with the click of a button.


Closing Checklists

Collaborate in real time with your client to update the closing checklists and eliminate phone calls and emails.



Quickly run multiple blacklines to ensure fast document turnaround throughout the deal.


Signature Packages

One click generation of signature packages for all parties.


Assemble Documents

Inventory the status of all signatures and assemble final documents automatically.


Closing Binders

Generate branded closing binders instantly at closing.

Leverage your data to run accurate reports on your deals.

Since the data stored in the Naya platform is merged into your final deal documents, it is accurate and enables your marketing team to run custom reports to analyze deal volume, transaction trends and time to close.