Naya Lending Platform

The first end-to-end solution for use by lenders and their outside law firms to manage the origination and servicing of commercial real estate loan transactions

Ensure Consistency in Loan Documents and the Closing Process

Manage all of your form documents, checklists and closing requirements in one place to ensure that all of your outside counsel are using the most up to date forms and checklists.  Changes made to form documents on the Naya platform are automatically included in documents generated by outside counsel.

Improve Collaboration

Maintain one single source of data for all of your transactions and collaborate in real time with your internal team and your outside counsel.

Leverage Document Automation to Close More Loans Faster

Send us all of your documents to automate and streamline the generation of loan documents, loan applications, rate lock letters, kickoff emails and underwriting packages to reduce execution time for the origination team.

Document Management

Use Naya’s full document management system with version tracking and blacklining to edit and store all of your documents.

Improve Efficiency and Speed of Execution 

Empower your outside counsel to work smarter and faster with a turn-key solution customized to your lending platform.

Document Automation

Generate initial drafts of loan documents with the click of a button.

Closing Checklists

Collaborate in real time with counsel to update the closing checklists and eliminate time consuming phone calls.


Quickly run multiple blacklines to ensure fast document turnaround on the days leading up to closing.

Signature Packages

One click generation of signature packages for all parties.

Assemble Documents

Inventory the status of all signatures and assemble final documents automatically.

Closing Binders

Generate closing binders instantly at closing.

Analyze Loan Data

Export transaction data directly to your existing servicing platform and generate customized transaction reports on multiple data points.  Track receipt of recordable documents and other post-closing items.

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